About Me

SEO Specialist in Sri Lanka

Hi I'm Hashan...

I'm a freelance digital marketer and SEO specialist from Sri Lanka. I'm here to help you with Social Media Marketing (SMM), Facebook Ads, Website Optimization (SEO), PPC / SEM campaigns, Online Lead Generation, and Brand Marketing.

I have over 5 years of experience in the Digital Marketing industry with various businesses in Sri Lanka. Also, I have worked with many leading companies and brands in Sri Lanka and now I’m turning my focus to helping small and medium businesses to achieve the same success as these corporate companies.

My core area of expertise is Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, and Branding for your business. Also, I provide strategic direction and digital marketing plans to my clients. So I'm happy to discuss how I can help your business continue to grow and thrive.


I am the founder of Pricelanka.lk, which is an automobile-related Website. Pricelanka.lk is a website that provides vehicle buying and selling information to its users. Over time, the Pricelanka.lk website became very popular, and I was able to grow my content on YouTube, the mobile app, and social media. As a result of my many years of hard work, the Pricelanka.lk website won the Merit Award for Best Small and Medium Enterprise Website at the BestWeb.lk competition held in 2021. BestWeb.lk is a competition organized by the LK Domain Registry to recognize the best websites in Sri Lanka. Currently, Pricelanka.lk has registered as a sole proprietorship business and intends to register as a company with more innovative services in the future.

Let's find out what I can do to improve your business!


Mobile: 0714702790


Email: [email protected]